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Here at the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex we have had the privilege to host some of the world's best professional BMX riders in the world coming from the five continents.

Also, our park has welcomed some of the most important personalities, and organizations related to the action sports world.

Whether riders need a place to train for an upcoming competition, learn some new tricks, or just hang out with the locals while traveling, DDASC has become that "chill place".

"This facility was designed with that goal", says its owner, Daniel Dhers; professional BMX rider, five times gold medalist, and four times Dew Cup champion.

"DDASC is the coolest local skatepark I've seen, very few places in the world can say that they welcome so many professional riders trough the year. They come here to train, and to have fun with the locals" says the athlete.

From X Games medalists, to FISE champions, this skatepark and bikepark located in Holly Springs, North Carolina is making a huge impact in the new generation of action sports young riders.

"Some people don't realize that these guys are like rock stars for most of these kids, so the fact that they are actually willing to share a moment with them, and sometimes teaching them how to pull a trick is the best gift you can give them", explained Dhers.

Check out all of the awesome pro riders who have ridden at this North Carolina Skatepark since 2014. Plan your trip to DDASC, you'll never know who you'll get to meet.

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