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Holly Springs NC, November 2016: On Saturday, December 10th at 9:00 am, the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex located in Holly Springs NC, will be hosting the 1st BMX COMPLEX AM: a competition for Beginner, Amateur and Advanced riders from all over the world.

Pro BMX rider Daniel Dhers, five times X Games gold medalist and owner of the Action Sports Complex, explained the event has been created with the goal of giving the new generations the experience of a pro level competition and to give them a path to pursue a professional career, “I have been competing for over 10 years, I know the impact it can have in your life. Without many amateur events in the country I want to give the opportunity to the up and comers to show and measure their skill level”.

Dhers also selected well known judges in the BMX community such as Mike Laird, Mark Losey and Leigh Ramsdell: “I would like to implement a new scoring system, our current one hasn’t changed since the early 90’s an

d it’s time to adapt to the new era of BMX Park riding and competition”. The event will also be covered by Bare Essentials Sports Medicine to provide top care for the riders.

The registration fee for all categories will be $33.00 and after November 30th it will be $38.00. Enrollments are available through the DDASC website: The event is presented by Ray Price Harley Davidson and sponsored by The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa, Rant, USABMXF, Mongoose BMX and Lairdframe.

For more information on accommodation, restaurants, places to go, schedules and other information regarding the COMPLEX AM visit the website ( or stay tuned to the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

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