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Baby Keith's journey in North Carolina

Three years ago Keith “Baby” Schmidt packed up all his belongings in his home in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, to start a new journey in his in Holly Springs, North Carolina. This came to be when their friendship started at Woodward Camp in PA with there everlasting passion for BMX, and soon Daniel contacted Keith about starting the Complex and Keith asked if he could move in with him.

Keith came here in 2014 and helped Daniel build some of the ramps inside the complex: “It’s been three years now since I came to NC and it’s probably the best decision I have ever made.”

Keith Schmidt at the DDASC facilities

While seeing Daniel’s success with the Complex unfold over these three years Schmidt would totally recommend this for everyone to come out and do, “it’s not about becoming a pro but as long as you’re getting out and being active it’s always good for anyone,” Schmidt said. “In this environment the older kids help the younger kids with their tricks and perfecting their skills. It’s a good time to bond and get your kids into the sport.”

Baby Keith riding the outdoor pumptrack at DDASC

Many athletes have left their mark here at the Complex and have made many memories during their times visiting with any children or riders they have met.“Everyday at the Complex is a good memory – except the crashes, those always hurt. But you can learn from them,” Schmidt said. “It’s good to have facilities that offer indoor and outdoor areas for riding – during the winter you can train indoors with heaters on. If you are looking for a place to train or just have fun riding with your friends – this is the place for you.”


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